Created/directed by David Green and animated/designed by Happy Dragon Pictures’ own David Rose, The Coins of McGuffin is an exciting and hilarious ongoing animated series that follows Dave and Jon, just a couple of your average pop culture geeks who happen to find themselves on an epic quest in search of and to unite the mysterious 25 Coins Of McGuffin. In a universe full of different pop culture fandoms to choose from, The Coins Of McGuffin is one big, entertaining celebration of all things geeky! Want to join the party? You can find the first two episodes below, but please take a little time to visit the official Coins Of McGuffin website and subscribe to the YouTube channel! Oh, and if you like what you see, make sure to help support The Coins of McGuffin by checking out the official Patreon page and seeing what cool perks come with supporting this really fun series! We can't do it without your help!

Episode 1 • “Watcher”

Episode 2 • “Fan”

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to lack of proper funding, the animated episodes of The Coins of McGuffin have ended indefinitely following Episode 2 but make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel because The Coins of McGuffin will live on in other formats such as comics and podcasts!