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Drawing and art was really all that was ever in the cards for me. Back in school, sports were like a foreign language but that left more room open for me to constantly feed my passion for drawing and art. Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio didn't hurt either since there aren't really many ways to pass the time other than attempting to spin my favorite forms of escapism and creativity into a possible future career. Speaking of future careers, I've always been a film buff as well, especially after visiting Universal Studios Hollywood as a young kid. The experience of basking in this crazy world of "Riding the Movies" left quite a lasting impression on me and injected me with an urge to give others the same reactions I had that summer in 1993. I've always loved to draw but I also wanted to tell my own compelling and engaging stories while utilizing these drawing skills I had spent years honing. Animation was surely a good way to do that but that notion didn't really hit me until many years down the road as advancing technology not only began to make animation easier but also brought more ways for you to get your work out there.

In 2004, I had the honor of receiving a full tuition scholarship to The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, which was indeed a major culmination of my hard work and dedication up to that point in my life - but that was just the beginning. My love for drawing and illustration collided head-on with the infamously hefty and exhausting work load the college is known for. However, instead of letting that discourage me and completely burn me out of art althogether, it got me thinking about alternative routes to travel to help keep that passion alive. I began immersing myself into other mediums and techniques that I hadn't originally seen much of a future in, including animation, video and motion graphics, which allowed me to break out of my drawing box and finally start developing a voice. In 2008, I graduated from The Columbus College of Art and Design with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts focusing on film and animation.

Under my production company Happy Dragon Pictures, I've been able to produce ambitious animation and video projects, continue to create illustrated artwork, meet great people and collaborate on team productions, give a good friend of mine a chance to create his own video series, and ultimately gather it all up into one big online experience. There's always something new to discover here at HappyDragonPictures.com, so don't hesitate to return again and again!

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For as long as I can remember I have gravitated towards writing. As a child I made short nonsensical stories accompanied by even worse drawings as I struggled to find an outlet for the constantly bottled up creativity. As I got older I realized my artistry was slightly worse than my writing, so I decided to ditch the drawing and focus on becoming a wordsmith. Throughout high school I penned numerous short stories that could be classified as fan fiction, blending my own characters into the already existing universes of some of my favorite movies and video games including Star Wars, Resident Evil, and Aliens. When college came around it was then a natural leap for me to take this passion and put it towards a degree as I moved from writing fan fiction to my own original fiction with a focus on action and comedy. In 2008, after navigating the waters of Miami University in Southwest Ohio, I completed my BA in Creative Writing, further honing my skills as a wordsmith.

Parallel to this journey to be a writer I had a passion for movies. What started as an enjoyable past-time with my mom became one of my favorite hobbies. Donning the mantra "I'll watch anything once" (something I would later regret after such "gems" as Extreme Ops and The Happening), I familiarized myself with countless actors, directors, and genres as I slowly worked my way to becoming a self-proclaimed film buff. Since I had an obsession with film it would seem obvious for me to lean towards script writing... but it wasn't really until a creative writing professor asked if I had ever considered this thing called script writing, so it was around 2006 when I changed my focus from short stories to scripts. Armed with this new found focus and an abundance of mediocre...er, AMAZING ideas, I turned to some of my friends as I began to clumsily turn these ideas into short films all while teaching myself the basics of filming along the way.

Now equipped with the abilities to write, direct, edit, and act (kind of), I have been let loose on the world. It was only natural that I would join forces with my frequent partner in crime and literal lifelong friend David Rose as we strive to make an impact in this vast wasteland known as the internet. Whether it be with our film reviews, our early comedy skits, or anything in between, one thing is for sure - we have a passion for film making and want to make Happy Dragon Pictures a home for unique animation, original comedy, and positive film reviews. Now stop reading this and watch some of our videos!