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Sidney Philpotts and Franklin Sherwood are lifelong friends and share the honor of being complete social outcasts in high school. Where Sid has his head in clouds, Franklin is a realist and constantly struggles to bring Sid back down to Earth.  But ideas are where Sid's attention begins to trail off while Franklin's realistic and logical mindset has a way of draining any sort of motivation to better himself and the ability to think outside the box once in a while.  Despite both of them being quite intelligent, these two personalities are the perfect ying and yang.  And when obstacles throw themselves at them, life has a way of being one big misadventure.

Ring in the holidays with Sid & Franklin! Sid finds himself not quite ready to celebrate Christmas this year. With a little guidance from Franklin, Sid embarks on a soul-searching journey to hopefully rediscover his old love of Christmas.  After his quest takes a dark turn, Sid must take matters into his own hands to make sure he himself can survive the holidays!

After over a year in the making, I am proud to present The Sid & Franklin Halloween Special.  The two geeks return in a Halloween treat I hope you all enjoy. After Sid convinces Franklin that they are a shoe-in to win their school's Halloween costume contest,  they are thwarted by two menacing bullies.  Can Sid and Franklin take back the night?  Watch and find out!

Sid & Franklin in Dynamite Thunderbolt (2008)

Back in late 2007, Sid and Franklin were conceived out of the combination of stressful college finals and a caffeine-induced brainstorming session during an Autumn evening walk in Columbus, OH.  I was knee-deep in a serious animation project that was only weeks from being due.  At this point, the project was really starting to overstay its welcome.  The animation was feeling rigid and I was probably taking it a little too seriously.  One last big final animation piece was due at the end of the Spring semester before graduation and I wanted to let loose and do something completely different than anything I'd attempted in my college career.

I always loved the idea of characters you'd least expect to be heroic, to step up and do the epic deed of saving the world.  Also, in the tradition of Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead or Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park, I'd always wanted to attempt and create two completely different characters in which I would provide both voices, but would still inherit their own cadence and personality quirks.  Sid and Franklin were born.  And this was that final senior project.  The style is incredibly different than it is now and Sid even had a lisp!  I wasn't entirely satisfied with the final project, even back then but it exists, so here it is.  Think of it like when The Simpsons first debuted on The Tracy Ullman Show-- not as funny as what they ended up becoming and a little awkward to watch nowadays.  So, prepare yourselves for the very strange debut of Sid and Franklin in Dynamite Thunderbolt!