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August 2014

Guardians of the Future illustration featured on Nerdy Ninja Platypus's list Top 10 Guardians of the Galaxy Mash-Ups!

April 2014

The DVD Shelf Mini Reviews featured on's #YouTubeTuesday!

May 2013

TMNT HD Make-Over featured on the Ninja Turtle Power German TMNT blog!

March 2013

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Godzilla review posted at Movie Apocalypse

February 2013

Featured on the Agony Booth members page on TV Tropes!

December 2012

TWK Reviews Pick of the Week: The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews #20: Batman The Movie

September 2012

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Who Framed Roger Rabbit review posted at Movie Apocalypse

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been featured on Blip TV's official Facebook page.

August 2012

My interview with Ultra Mega Death Ray

Kevin Kearney's Sequential Style Blog

Click here to watch the video that contains the excerpt from Hollywood Babble-On!

Hollywood Babble-On Podcast with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith! (Episode 94)


HD Makeovers made its way on to Blip TV's Trending section on the homepage.

November 2011

Hazte Un Dedo

The Fuzzy Blog of Fuzzy Chromatics


Cultural Compulsive Disorder

How To Carve Roast Unicorn


CIA Film

I Heart Chaos

Slash Film

Badass Digest

Topless Robot


Comics Alliance

The Daily What - Geeks 

Cartoon Brew

July 2011

Jett's Batman On Film 

Toon Barn

March 2011

Bat-Blog - Batman Toys and Collectibles