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The DVD Shelf Christmas Past

With the holidays quickly approaching (and no new Christmas-themed episode coming down the pike this year), here is where you can watch the previous special holiday episodes of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews.

From 2011, it's my review of the classic Bill Murray comedy Scrooged and a look inside the timeless Charles Dickens tale that started it all.  Then, in 2012, I revealed my ten favorite Christmas TV specials that you can own on DVD.

Happy Holidays everyone and stay tuned as Happy Dragon Pictures heads off into some new and exciting places in 2014!



The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: My Top 10 Christmas TV Specials

Ring in the holiday season with The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, but in this special Christmas episode, I take a winter vacation from movie reviewing to look at my top-ten Yule-tide TV specials.  And unlike most top ten lists out there that follow the standard countdown format, I step out of that tired tradition by simply revealing each special in order of their debut, creating a unique Christmas experience where you get ten spirited DVD and/or Blu-ray reviews for the price of, well, nothing!  You must’ve been good this year.

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