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The Dark Knight Rises - "Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid Of A Bomb"

Straight from the mouth of the classic Adam West Caped Crusader to the mouth of Christian Bale's contemporary Dark Knight, check out my latest YouTube vid that mashes two great Batmen together, which, of course, was done to promote my brand new episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews that you can also check out below.


Happy Dragon Pictures on Kevin Smith's Hollywood Babble-On Podcast!

Here's a quick little run down of my awesome shout-out from director Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman on their hilarious weekly podcast, Hollywood Babble-On.  Included is the full audio excerpt from towards the end of the show.  Enjoy!


The Dark Knight Rises (Batman 1966 Style)

Batman 1966 Opening Theme (Dark Knight Rises... by happydragonpictures

At long last, a new episode of HD Make-Overs is here, although, it may look a bit familiar.  After my previous mash-up of 2008's The Dark Knight with the classic 1966 Batman TV series, it only seemed right to follow it up with the release of the amazing sequel, The Dark Knight Rises.  Hopefully, with all the real-world tragedy and darkness that has unfortunately consumed this film, this can shed a little light on things.  Enjoy!


The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Christopher Nolan's Following

In this episode, we’ll be taking a look at the very first film from director Christopher Nolan, Following – a black and white thriller that set the stage for his later hit films including Memento, The Dark Knight, and Inception.  And if this episode seems a little bizarre, don’t adjust your monitors - I’ve just barrowed some of Nolan’s signature time manipulation tricks to help tell his story.  The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted by David Rose.  All this and more at your online destination where movies are celebrated, not incinerated!

And don't forget to hit the HD button on the video player!

Check out the video title card in high-resolution HERE!

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Batman Youtube Video on!

Sitting at almost 15,000 views on YouTube as I write this, my 1966 Batman TV Theme Dark Knight video can now be viewed HERE at the ever-popular Jett's Batman On Film website.  Being the huge Batman fan that I am, my visits to BOF have been almost daily for over a decade and I'm honored to be a small part of the legacy. The site has had all the latest news tidbits as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and now The Dark Knight Rises have been in development over the years and any Bat-fan who doesn't live under a rock has been to his site.  After I contacted him via e-mail, BOF founder and editor-in-chief Bill "Jett" Ramey was kind enough to respond very quickly and post my vid on his site which has attracted a little more attention to this site.  Many thanks, Bill, and keep up the great work on BOF as we quickly approach the release date of The Dark Knight Rises!  Check out Jett's Batman on Film site for the latest Bat-News at the link HERE.