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Like millions of others around the web, I'm fully against the passing of these two ridiculous laws, since like many others, they will affect this site, throwing away the hours upon hours I've spent putting together the content. It's no mystery that my videos and art incorporate many already existing properties of which I'm a fan.  And there's no harm in what I do.  I don't pirate movies or music.  I incorporate them into a movie review web series I work incredibly hard on that devotes itself to promote all the movies I review! People watch my videos and I recommend good films. It's a win/win for me and the movie studios! But these laws could possibly end all that, putting tons of folks who make a living on the web, out of work.  I never get political, but follow the link HERE and sign a petition to help protect our constitutional rights and!



The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: The Great Outdoors

With the holidays behind us, all we have now is cold weather and snow to deal with.  Thanks, January!  So, in the midst of fighting a pulverizing head cold, I shake off the snow and ice by looking at the classic 1988 summer vacation comedy, The Great Outdoors, starring Dan Aykroyd and John Candy.  We’ll also take brief glimpses into the careers of both Aykroyd and Candy, along with the film’s screenwriter – legendary writer-producer-director, John Hughes.  All this and more at your online destination where movies are celebrated, not incinerated!

Check out the video title card in high-resolution HERE!

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The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Scrooged

Whew!  I almost wasn’t sure I was going to get this one done on time!  Nevertheless, Christmas is just around the corner, so in this extra festive edition of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, we’ll be taking a look at the classic holiday comedy, Scrooged starring Bill Murray.  We’ll also delve into the timeless Charles Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol, which inspired not only this film, but countless other versions.  The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted by David A. Rose.  All this and more at your online destination where movies are celebrated, not incinerated!

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The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Batman - Mask of the Phantasm

It’s episode 10 of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews!  Back in episode 1, we took a look at the 2008 blockbuster, The Dark Knight, so we’ll dip back into the Batman discs with this classic cinematic spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series.  Batman: Mask of the Phantasm weaves an action-packed mystery story around Batman, Joker, and a ghostly crime boss killer running amok in Gotham City.  We’ll look at the film plus get a little inside info on Batman: The Animated Series, the beloved cartoon show that inspired this film. The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted by David A. Rose.  All this and more at your online destination where movies are celebrated, not incinerated!

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Batman: The Animated Series Intro in HD

Batman The Animated Series Opening Theme: High-Def Make-Overs [Episode 4] from David Rose on Vimeo.

For all of you fans out there of my other HD remakes of other classic franchises, here is the mother-load. The original opening title sequence for the 1992 Batman animated series is perfect, simple as that.  But, still, there is always some fun experimentation to be had when re-creating that kind of perfection to HD. So, for now, here is a video exclusive to the Happy Dragon Pictures website.  You won't find this on YouTube until Episode 10 of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is completed (wink, wink).