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A Chat With the Ultra Mega Death Ray Blog!

I've recently had the honor of being interviewed by David Giltinan of the Ultra Mega Death Ray pop culture blog.  I'm flattered the guys over at the blog liked my work to the point where they wanted to know a little more about me.  If you want to as well, head on over to read the interview at their site by by clicking HERE


Happy Dragon Pictures on Kevin Smith's Hollywood Babble-On Podcast!

Here's a quick little run down of my awesome shout-out from director Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman on their hilarious weekly podcast, Hollywood Babble-On.  Included is the full audio excerpt from towards the end of the show.  Enjoy!


Happy Dragon Pictures featured on Kevin Smith's Hollywood Babble-On!

A very special thanks goes out to podcast extraordinaires, LA radio host Ralph Garman and director/Silent Bob himself Kevin Smith, for featuring my Dark Knight Rises animated YouTube video in episode 94 of their hit podcast, Hollywood Babble-On! Check out the video then click on the pic below to listen to the full episode!



The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews: Total Recall (1990)

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is back… from the future!  Recently, Hollywood has made an attempt to wipe the original Total Recall from your memory banks, but I’m here to remember it for you - wholesale.  I’ll delve into the Schwarzenegger classic beginning with the original Philip K. Dick short story that inspired it, the film’s lengthy development, and how they pulled it all together.  And, yes, we’ll even look at that remake.  Lastly, I’ll give Total Recall’s “Mind-Bending Edition” Blu-Ray my final recommendation.  The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted by David Rose.

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The Dark Knight Rises (Batman 1966 Style)

At long last, a new episode of HD Make-Overs is here, although, it may look a bit familiar.  After my previous mash-up of 2008's The Dark Knight with the classic 1966 Batman TV series, it only seemed right to follow it up with the release of the amazing sequel, The Dark Knight Rises.  Hopefully, with all the real-world tragedy and darkness that has unfortunately consumed this film, this can shed a little light on things.  Enjoy!