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The Dark Knight Rises (Batman 1966 Style)

Batman 1966 Opening Theme (Dark Knight Rises... by happydragonpictures

At long last, a new episode of HD Make-Overs is here, although, it may look a bit familiar.  After my previous mash-up of 2008's The Dark Knight with the classic 1966 Batman TV series, it only seemed right to follow it up with the release of the amazing sequel, The Dark Knight Rises.  Hopefully, with all the real-world tragedy and darkness that has unfortunately consumed this film, this can shed a little light on things.  Enjoy!

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Reader Comments (1)

Unfortunately you're right about the real world badness mixed into the film. The attempt was to make a realistic Batman with realistic themes as well as villains, but yeah, too close to reality like the Dent Act, Black Gate Prison, the attack on the Stock Exchange, all dangerously reminscent of real life stuff, but at least it left enough room to interpret them either way, one side or the other. At times I found myself rooting for Bane as much slapping myself on the head after the movie, about supposedly being a Batman Superfan, and not seeing Talia Al Ghul right in front of me, the accent, the general look, how did I all that up until she basically stabbed Bruce in the back, or in the literal case, the ribs? Really had me going with the idea Bane would not share the detonator with anyone and that I am used to rarely seeing Bane and the Al Ghuls work together, if ever throughout what I read or watched. I slapped myself around even more after the movie upon realizing Bane could not have planned this whole thing by himself or get people to be truly loyal to him without scaring them like normally would, I should have seen the Al Ghuls' name written all over that plan. Who else could have planned such an elaborate scheme, have such truly loyal followers, and damn near succeed?
March 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWysten

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