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The DVD Shelf - Episode 1: The Dark Knight

Welcome to the new web series The DVD Shelf.  After the endless hate towards movies that circulates on the internet nowadays, why not dedicate a show to loving movies? Weird, huh? Each show will feature a movie that I've grabbed off my shelf and I'll talk a little about the film's background and why I recommend it. So, I figured the first episode should feature a movie that isn't hard to like-- The Dark Knight.  Enjoy!


Recommendations from this episode:



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Reader Comments (1)

Hello Mr. David A. Rose.

My name is Robert Bateman.

I live in Japan.

I closely follow your site and “The Agony Booth”.

When I introduce myself as Mr. Bateman for some reason many people hear “Mr. Batman” and get all excited.

Things get more confusing when I say that my middle name is Robin.....
May 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Bateman

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