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David Rose | Create Your Badge

David Rose

Ever since I was kid, I knew I wanted to be a "drawer" someday.  Now, aspiring to be a shelving unit that holds socks and underwear isn't quite what I meant, but how else would you say, "one that draws", especially when you're a kid?

Drawing was all that was in the cards for me.  Sports was like a foreign language when I was in school and at a catholic school, if you don't play sports, you're technically nothing -- but that left more room for me to develop my passion for drawing and art.  Growing up in Cincinnati, OH didn't hurt either, since there isn't a whole lot to do other than try and turn some form of escape into a possible future career.

Speaking of future careers, I've always been a film buff as well, especially after visiting Universal Studios Hollywood in the first grade.  The experience of basking in this crazy world of "Riding the Movies" left a lasting impression at a very young age, leaving me with an urge to give other people the same reactions I had that summer.  And that urge continues today.

There had to be some compromise, though.  How do you tell a compelling and engaging story while utilizing these drawing skills you've tried so hard at developing?  Animation was the key, but that didn't really hit me until many years down the road when I received a full tuition scholarship to The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH.  My scholarship was, in a way, a major culmination of my hard work and dedication up to that point in my life - but that was just the beginning.  My love for drawing and illustration collided with the infamously hefty and exhausting work load at the college.  However, instead of discouraging me from continuing my art altogether, it got me thinking about alternative roads to take.

I fell into other mediums such as animation, video and motion graphics, which allowed me to break out of my drawing box and begin to develop a voice. In 2008, I graduated from The Columbus College of Art and Design with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts focusing on film and animation.

With my production company, Happy Dragon Pictures, I've been able to produce some very ambitious animation and video projects, collaborate on team productions here and there, continue to create artwork, and finally gather it all up into one big online experience.  There's always something new to discover on, so don't hesitate to return again and again!